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The highlight of London Rose's day is when young Jimmy Michaels sneaks past her clueless husband to give her the sexual satisfaction she craves. However, on this particular morning, London's husband was especially nosy and intolerant of his annoying requests and intrusions. London quickly realizes that she needs to redirect her husband's focus if she wants to have enough alone time with Jimmy to take in every inch of his hard cock, so she takes advantage of her special obsession. of his closet to draw his attention to the mountain of laundry in their bedroom. But before that, London and Jimmy are forced to play a tense version of musical chairs, in which Jimmy must find as many creative ways as possible to hide in a small space. Once they are free of London's husband, the only way to properly celebrate is to have intense sex.

My stepmom has big breasts....
My stepmom has big breasts....
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