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Shion has her first business trip with a director who is strict with her subordinates. I was forced to share a room with a plan, and I was sexually harassed by the manager at a social gathering at night. Shion, who was forced to drink alcohol and taken back to the hotel while still drunk, was forced to have sex in a devious and rich way by her unfaithful boss. I can't resist even when my breasts are rubbed and my pussy is devoured... No matter how many times I cum, I get erect immediately and my unfaithful fuck greasy and powerful harassing manager. All night until morning, in a bottomless swamp of pleasure! I wonder if I will go on a business trip with this girl next month

SSNI-859 A great day with my boss
SSNI-859 A great day with my boss
 Movie Code: SSNI-859 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Shion Yumi 
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